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Zouk 19096 Rouge


Bouclé with a Modern Twist

A brand new classic bouclé design with fashion inspired combinations of multicoloured yarns for contrasting textural depth.

Super soft to the hand, highly durable and fire rated for luxury commercial use.

Zouk 19095 Aubergine
Zouk 19094 Lake Blue
Zouk 19093 Peacock
Zouk 19090 Sunbeam
Zouk 19091 Margarita
Zouk 19092 Seraglio
Zouk 19087 Charcoal Heather
Zouk 19089 Retro Purple
Zouk 19088 Bermuda
Zouk 19086 Contour
Zouk 19085 Corbin
Zouk 19082 Casper
Zouk 19084 Deja Vu
Zouk 19080 Blanco
Zouk 19081 Creamery
Zouk 19083 Serum