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Jagger MR007 Nutmeg


Jagger is the embodiment of swagger for interior upholstery, with a leather like crushed effect that presents an edgy and beautiful style. The collection features subdued colourations that leaves us with a vintage feel.

This fabric is best suited for contoured frames, ideal for furniture accents pieces, benches, lounge chairs and headboards.

Jagger MR008 Rust Red
Jagger 33445 Foresta
Jagger Cb004 Amaretto
Jagger Bb006 Dove Grey
Jagger 193023 Pitch Black
Jagger 193022 Tussled
Jagger 193021 Night Shade
Jagger 193020 Jeans
Jagger 193019 Greyback
Jagger 193018 Stonewall
Jagger 193017 Skye
Jagger 193016 Ginger
Jagger 193015 Sunsoaked
Jagger 193014 Centry Grey
Jagger 193012 Kindle
Jagger 193011 Desert
Jagger 193010 Dark Walnut
Jagger 193009 Mahogany
Jagger 193008 Cherry
Jagger 193007 Crimson
Jagger 193006 Crescent
Jagger 193005 Violet
Jagger 193004 Pink Chemise
Jagger 193003 Golden Oak
Jagger 193001 Dark Roast
Jagger 193002 Wheat
Jagger 193000 Pale Rose