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Linotte 192855 Noir


Linotte, new to our luxe linen upholstery collection. This textile offers a fitted and tailored aesthetic with fantastic durability. Holding up to contoured and modern furniture pieces all while offering the pleasure of a pure linen experience.

Linotte 192854 Dramatic
Linotte 192853 Gris
Linotte 192852 Moderne
Linotte 192850 Azure
Linotte 192851 Sahara
Linotte 192848 Windhelm
Linotte 192849 Pacific
Linotte 192847 Admiral
Linotte 192846 Vital
Linotte 192845 Spicy
Linotte 192844 Honeycomb
Linotte 192843 Raw Sugar
Linotte 192842 Oatmeal
Linotte 192841 Tofu