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Kahleesi Vel1940 Marquis


Sumptuous heavyweight velvets with a deep pile and soft luxurious feel, in a newly added range of colorways from soft naturals to deeper, richer shades.

Kahleesi has a vintage, lustrous feel that makes up beautifully for upholstery applications.

Kahleesi Vel1950 Noir
Kahleesi Vel1947 Mushroom
Kahleesi Vel1945 Oyster
Kahleesi Vel1951 Midnight
Kahleesi Vel1952 Serpent
Kahleesi Vel1949 Sphinx
Kahleesi Vel1948 Creamery
Kahleesi Vel1946 Silversheen
Kahleesi Vel1939 Magnum
Kahleesi Vel1936 Bronte