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Caterira 192588 Moon


This luxurious 30 ounce dobby weave expresses classic feminine beauty. Blended yarns create subtle lustre & pure softness. Caterira has performance value yet offers an authentically natural aesthetic. Coloured in pastels, earthy hues and whites of the most updated pantones, this fabric enters the paradigm of timelessness. Caterira meets hospitality specifications. Please inquire.

Caterira 192587 Cider
Caterira 192586 Serum
Caterira 192585 Admiral
Caterira 192584 Eridian
Caterira 192582 Pacific
Caterira 192583 Celestial
Caterira 192581 California Rush
Caterira 192580 Husky
Caterira 192579 Jurassic
Caterira 192578 Capstone
Caterira 192576 Balliss
Caterira 192577 Bermuda
Caterira 192574 Blanco
Caterira 192575 Parka