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Osborne/Brussels Obn000 White


A 6.5 oz Soft Irish Linen of the finest quality.

Fresh and breezy, this natural flax fiber is perfect for top of the bed, drapery and accents applications.

Osborne/Brussels Obn001 Ivory
Osborne/Brussels Obn002 Ecru
Osborne/Brussels Obn003 Oatmeal
Osborne/Brussels Obn004 Ash
Osborne/Brussels Obn005 Greige
Osborne/Brussels Obn006 Dust
Osborne/Brussels Obn007 Latte
Osborne/Brussels Obn009 Boardwalk
Osborne/Brussels Obn010 Whisper
Osborne/Brussels Obn011 Flax
Osborne/Brussels Obn012 Mist
Osborne/Brussels Obn013 Leaf
Osborne/Brussels Obn015 Dijon
Osborne/Brussels Obn018 Maple
Osborne/Brussels Obn020 Cloud
Osborne/Brussels Obn021 Iceland
Osborne/Brussels Obn022 Denim
Osborne/Brussels Obn023 Atlantic
Osborne/Brussels Obn024 Dove
Osborne/Brussels Obn026 Pebble
Osborne/Brussels Obn027 Mouse
Osborne/Brussels Obn028 Bark
Osborne/Brussels Obn029 Olive
Osborne/Brussels Obn031 Romance
Osborne/Brussels Obn032 Pasture
Osborne/Brussels Obn034 Clay
Osborne/Brussels Obn035 Lilac
Osborne/Brussels Obn036 Cerise
Osborne/Brussels Obn037 Henna
Osborne/Brussels Obn038 Tan
Osborne/Brussels Obn041 Indigo
Osborne/Brussels Obn042 Blonde
Osborne/Brussels Obn043 Claret
Osborne/Brussels Obn044 Cardinal
Osborne/Brussels Obn045 Acai
Osborne/Brussels Obn046 Storm
Osborne/Brussels Obn047 Topaz
Osborne/Brussels Obn048 Flush
Osborne/Brussels Obn049 Warmth
Osborne/Brussels Obn050 Eve
Osborne/Brussels Obn051 Antique
Osborne/Brussels Obn052 Biscuit
Osborne/Brussels Obn054 Dreams
Osborne/Brussels Obn055 Seedling
Osborne/Brussels Obn056 Hemlock
Osborne/Brussels Obn057 Hay
Osborne/Brussels Obn058 Goldenrod
Osborne/Brussels Obn059 Sienna
Osborne/Brussels Obn060 Overcast
Osborne/Brussels Obn061 Kiwi
Osborne/Brussels Obn063 Spinach
Osborne/Brussels Obn064 Madder
Osborne/Brussels Obn067 Toffee
Osborne/Brussels Obn068 Rattan
Osborne/Brussels Obn070 Cocoa
Osborne/Brussels Obn073 Raven
Osborne/Brussels Obn075 Bubblegum
Osborne/Brussels Obn076 Polish
Osborne/Brussels Obn077 Paradise
Osborne/Brussels Obn079 Sky
Osborne/Brussels Obn080 Rain
Osborne/Brussels Obn081 Silver
Osborne/Brussels Obn082 Indigo Bleu
Osborne/Brussels Obn083 Oyster