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Amorevole 192537 Taurus


A stunning duo of yarns creates this collection of stylish weaves in an exciting arrange of on trend colors from vibrant to neutral, each with its own unique color combination. The character of the Amorevole has a chunky structure with a slight lustrous sheen that has a boucle like effect. Woven from linen yarns with a super soft hand that are highly durable and performs beautifully for upholstered furniture pieces for both residential and contract applications.

Amorevole 192536 Blanco
Amorevole 192535 Tofu
Amorevole 192534 Husky
Amorevole 192533 Pavestone
Amorevole 192532 Admiral
Amorevole 192531 Indigo
Amorevole 192528 Mongolia
Amorevole 192530 Pacific
Amorevole 192529 Moon
Amorevole 192527 Chehri
Amorevole 192526 Spicy
Amorevole 192525 Peacock
Amorevole 192524 Lush
Amorevole 192523 Kea
Amorevole 192522 Dramatic
Amorevole 192521 Vast Land
Amorevole 192520 Leone
Amorevole 192519 Raw Sugar