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Monticello 182513 Spada


Say hello to the newly added colorways to our popular Monticello collection. This textile shows off a gorgeous structural weave achieving the foundations for timeless balance and new interpretations.

A performance blend available in 12 new colorways for versatile upholstery that makes up beautifully.

Made in Italy

Monticello 182515 Ragno
Monticello 182509 Mulled
Monticello 182514 Stoneway
Monticello 182512 Fossil
Monticello 182511 Fangorn
Monticello 182510 Odyssey
Monticello 182507 Ammonite
Monticello 182508 Shitake
Monticello 182506 Plage
Monticello 182505 Argile
Monticello 182504 Lapin
Monticello 182503 Wildwood
Monticello 182502 Surrey
Monticello 182501 Oxford
Monticello 182500 Fragment