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Pixie 219621 Inferno


Performance Bouclé

A nubby bouclé weave with multicolored yarn, looped to perfection for upholstery with character. Offered in a gorgeous palette from bright, vibrant shades to earthy neutrals.

A synthetic blend with a natural look, suitable for high demands of contract applications and high usage spaces.

Pixie 219620 Ultraviolet
Pixie 219619 Illicit
Pixie 219618 Claret
Pixie 219617 Embers
Pixie 219615 Talos
Pixie 219616 Alloy
Pixie 219614 Detritus
Pixie 219613 Quartzite
Pixie 219612 Azurite
Pixie 219611 Lago
Pixie 219610 Chambray
Pixie 219609 Obscurite
Pixie 219608 Osaka
Pixie 219607 Agate
Pixie 219606 Sediment
Pixie 219605 Gravel
Pixie 219604 Manx
Pixie 219603 Clove
Pixie 219602 Cous Cous
Pixie 219601 Pietra
Pixie 219600 Sable