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Fomo 219669 Umber


High Performance Faux Mohair

Say hello to Fomo, the latest release from our Roomers Collection.

A faux mohair celebrated for its great luster and durability. With a soft, medium pile it makes up beautifully for luxurious upholstery. Offered in a gorgeous palette from bright, vibrant hues to earthy neutrals.

Suitable for high demands of contract applications and high usage spaces.

Fomo 219668 Erba
Fomo 219667 Mane
Fomo 219666 Paonne
Fomo 219665 Wenge
Fomo 219664 Picholine
Fomo 219663 Salotto
Fomo 219662 Miza
Fomo 219661 Empire
Fomo 219660 Rossetto
Fomo 219659 Moulin
Fomo 219658 Seraglio
Fomo 219657 Basalm
Fomo 219656 Windhelm
Fomo 219655 Chiffon
Fomo 219654 Creamery
Fomo 219653 Nuage
Fomo 219650 Manx
Fomo 219652 Polvere
Fomo 219651 Atrio