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Tripp 219757 Ambrosia


Say Hello to Tripp, a new addition to our sustainable upholstery collections, constructed from filament yarn generated from recycled plastic bottles.

This production method turns the problem of plastic waste into a solution. Bottles are collected before being separated by type and colour, processed and converted into flakes which is then extruded into polyester yarn. Meeting high performance standards without compromising the soft hand.

This fabric is also produced using new H2O Technology that makes this fabric low maintenance and easy to clean using only water.

Tripp 219756 Black Moon
Tripp 219755 Maverick
Tripp 219754 Midnight Flare
Tripp 219752 Nostalgia
Tripp 219753 Mystery
Tripp 219751 Moondust
Tripp 219750 Gardenia